DC Comic Gallery - Statuette Shazam! (28cm)

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The Wisdom of Solomon! The Strength of Hercules! Billy Batson's alter ego Shazam is the next entry in the DC Gallery line of PVC Dioramas, and this approximately 11-inch Diamond Select Shazam toy captures the hero in a split-second, grabbing a bolt of lightning on its way to the ground.

With a feature film, Shazam is poised to ride that lightning back to stardom, and this amazing sculpture celebrates the character's godlike power! Sculpted by Joe Menna based on a design by Shawn Knapp. The DC Gallery Shazam figure comes packaged in a full-color window box.

  • 11 inches (28cm)
  • Made of PVC
  • Sculpted by Joe Menna 
  • Design by Shawn Knapp
  • Packaged in a full-color window box

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