Stranger Things- Demogorgon

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The Demogorgon is the Monster of Season 1 of Stranger Things. He was baptized by the group of friends led by Mike Wheeler in reference to one of their set games. It is after an evening game at Mike that Will Byrs disappears and that the investigation carried out by boys will reveal the existence of the Demogorgon. The predator escapes from the world upside down, a world parallel to reality, via a breach created in the Hawkins laboratory during a failed experience involving Dr. Brenner and eleven. He sows panic in the city of Hawkins to his fight against eleven in a classroom of the college. Funkko offers a pop supersized pop from Demogorgon adapted to the size of the monster! We find the creature that looks like a carnivorous plant with its petals as a mouth and the hundreds of small white teeth. She has a more human body with arms and legs. Each of its members is provided with claws and its skeletal body suggests its proximity to an animal body. On this pop figurine, the demogorgon stands straight and seems to advance towards a prey. His arms fall along his body and his hooked hands are open. Finally, Funko represented the demogorgon mouth open, revealing the gaping hole in his terrifying mouth.

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