One Piece - Zoro: Sandai Kitetsu

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Sandai Kitetsu (三 代 鬼徹,Sandai Kitetsu) Is the sword that Zoro had at the same time as Yubashiri in Loguetown. Zoro wanted to buy it for 50 000b, seeking to replace his two old broken swords during his fight with Mihawk, but Ippon-matsu offered him for free for having the courage to test his curse.

It is one of the three cursed sabers of the Kitetsu series with Shodai Kitetsu and Nidai Kitetsu, Sandai Kitetsu is one of the 50 blades of superior qualities so it belongs to the category of Ryo Wazamono. It was forged by a craftsman from the country of WA, Tenguyama Hétsu.

三 代Sandaimeans "third generation" because the Sandai Kitetsu is the third and last sword in the Kitetsu series.

Sword delivered with its solid red decorated wood sleeve.
The handle is surrounded by red braided cotton lacing.
The guard is rounded cross and beautifully worked with brass ornaments.
Stainless steel blade 440b, non-cutting.
Total dimensions: L 103cm x l. 10cm (blade alone 69cm).