Hokuto no Ken - Rei HQS by Tsume

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The Hokuto no Ken license is back at TSUME! Glimpsed at TSUME FAN DAYS 3, here is the HQS by Tsume de Rei, the heir to Nantô suicho Ken, a combat technique which consists in cutting off enemies with bare hands, using air pressure.

Friend of the hero Kenshiro, Rei marked an entire generation of fans with his righteousness and his sense of justice. We wanted to pay tribute to his fighting style by representing him ready to melt on his enemy, his face determined.

The fine sculpture of Rei's facial features shows her determination, while the work of her muscles allows her to feel the power of her attack. The different textures of his tunic are reproduced in a style similar to that of HQS by Tsume de Raoh.

It is easy to imagine him carrying out this attack during his fight against the king of Hokuto.

Edition 800 pieces.
Release date: First semester 2019.

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