Deathmask HQS by Tsume

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A new Golden Knight arrives at TSUME! The sign of Cancer is in the spotlight with the adaptation of Death Mask(DeathMask)HQS by TSUME.

Known for his cruelty, this knight kills men, women and children in cold blood to carry out his missions. The faces of his innocent victims adorn the walls of his house like trophies and symbolize his power. Disavowed by his golden armor, he will be defeated by Shiryu in the Battle of the Sanctuary.

Our statue depicts him in the house of Cancer, launching his attack: the circles of Hades (Seki Shiki Meikai Ha). The dark colors of the décor and the fog surrounding Death Mask recall the gloomy atmosphere that reigns in the 4E Sanctuary House. They contrast with the gold of his armor. The facial sculpture reproduces the sadistic grin he displays during his executions.

The statue has two straight hands, allowing it to be exposed with or without its attack around the finger.

Draw at 1800 pieces.
Release date: First half of 2019.

This is a new master piece to have in your collection of HQS by Tsume Saint Seiya.

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